Friday, November 1, 2013

September 1-30, 2013

In September we got out a little more and I started back to work.  My mom stayed with Gabe for the first couple weeks I was back before he went to school which eased the transition for all of us.  Of course, to add to the routine shake up, Andrew started a new job and it took  a few weeks for us to get a groove.  We got to visit the cabin and see Pawpaw's new boat, we got a new garage fridge for "beer and breastmilk" (hah!), Lilly started after-school ballet lessons, Andrew got a new car for his "commute," we visited Bryan, TX for Andrew's grandfather's 80th birthday and Austin, TX for my college rowing reunion.  We got to see a fair amount of family and friend along the way which makes for great times.

(super hero day)

(talking on Skype with Ciocia Kasia)

  (Great Grandpa's 80th birthday)

(first day in nursery)

(Andrew's new hybrid "Tuxedo" car)

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