Friday, November 1, 2013

July 19-31, 2013

We feel victim to the stereotype that two kids... WOAH.  Time suck!  And blogging got sidelined for a while.  So in an effort to catch us up sometime before Gabe goes off to college, I will do a month-dump...

Let's be honest.  In the first two weeks, there is a whole lot of Gabe sleeping during the day (usually one someone's chest/belly) and not a whole lot of sleeping at night.  However, he generally does sleep about 3 hours at a time and is not too bad to get back to sleep once he is changed and fed.  At two week appointment he was up to 10lbs 12 oz and had already grown and 1.5 inches from birth!  Lilly handled transition to big sister better than I anticipated, but trying to balance the demands of a newborn and her energy level have been a rough act to keep up.  We are getting there, but we are tired :)

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