Monday, June 24, 2013

June 2, 2013

We favored sanity this year and had one birthday party for Lilly, outside the house for her friends (and the grandparents of course) only.  She was very specific about what she wanted, a party at The Little Gym with a fairy theme, down to the details of where she wanted to sit and how the balloons should be arranged on her chair.  My first reaction was "first world problems Kiddo" but then I realized ohemgee she sees it in her head, how she wants it and wants to make sure it's executed accordingly.  Which is OBVIOUSLY not like ANYONE I know.  It's a long line of stubborn Polish women she comes from, and even though I want her to be more flexible, it's hard to reprimand when I completely get where she's coming from.

Best part?  After she blew out her candles, I whispered "what did you wish for?" And she whispered back "I wished I could walk on the clouds."  

Me too Baby Girl, me too.

In the afternoon, Lilly got to go hang with Babcia and Pappy for the evening and Andrew and I went back to Summerfest for some awesome bands and mercifully cooler weather (thank you morning rain!). We camped out at one stage for most of the day, which made the obscenely pregnant woman quite happy.

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