Saturday, June 29, 2013

June 28, 2013

In the last weeks before baby, I got to spend a belated Father's Day with my parents for a day.  Local Foods for lunch, play time with Lilly and a rib dinner courtesy of Andrew.  

While we were out, Andrew also started on evening the score between the kids (it's already starting), i.e. Lilly wanting a wall painted in her room too.  Bubblegum pink anyone?  Hopefully we will finish this project (there are decals, not more tape) and all paint touch ups next weekend. 

In baby news, it looks like the way my insides are built is not very conducive to baby "dropping" where it needs to be for actual delivery.  I had this problem with Lilly as well, I could never get her to drop down even when induced at 41 weeks.  I am apparently an all-expenses paid luxury hotel for babies.  I still have a few more weeks (of walking and bouncing on a yoga ball) for him to figure a way down, but it seems likely that I may end up with another C-section.  And if that is the case, for the sake of my bladder I will not be waiting to 41 weeks again.  I am coming to terms with this, and yes, it does make me a little sad, but at least I know what to expect this time around.

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