Wednesday, October 3, 2012

September 7, 2012

Lilly decided to share the candy she earned doing chores with her classmates at school. And in keeping with the theme of visits, we had an evening at Natachee's with the ShotorMotors. Lilly kind of likes that Jaxon kid :).

She was tired out after all the play (as was Daddy) and I managed to be sneaky and catch their slumber. This is how it usually ends up - one of us singing her to sleep and managing to fall asleep ourselves in the process until the other parent comes and drags them to bed, all dried-contacts-stuck-to-eyes. It's frustrating how long it takes for her to fall asleep sometimes, but those moments are golden, and I know it's only seconds until she doesn't want us anywhere near her, so I revel in them as much as possible.

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