Tuesday, April 3, 2012

April 3, 2012

Our little backyard garden is taking shape finally.

From the seeds we planted in February (or January??) the carrots, green onions, bib lettuce and 3 San Marzano tomato plants survived. Sadly, we managed to kill all the zucchini, cucumber and cilantro plants during planting, which is extra sad since they were the sturdiest to start with.

We bought one key lime and one Meyer lemon tree which are doing quite nicely - we should be mixing fresh margaritas in no time.

A couple weeks ago, we made a trip to Whole Foods and came back with two different types of tomato plants, Serrano pepper, jalapeƱo, sweet yellow bell pepper and strawberry plants - All planted into "real" containers on Sunday. So far all are surviving and we've even managed to sample some of the sweet strawberries.

Lilly likes checking on and water our garden in the evenings, and I like that she's learning about where food originates (Surprise! Not the grocery store!). She has figured out how to use the rain barrel and fills up the canisters to water the fruits/veggies as well as the sweet pea, gardenia and poinsettia flowers we planted in the yard. She is turning into quite the little helper.

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