Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 31, 2012

Every evening we have a routine down:

1) Get home, Andrew go upstairs to change, I set Lilly up with Dora The Annoying.
2) Andrew starts dinner, I go upstairs to change.
3) I set table and help with whatever prep I am capable of (so far, cooking rice or grating cheese is my vast repertoire). I also field requests from our daughter The Enforcer (true story).
4) We sit down at the table and eat dinner. If there is only one instance of tears during the meal, I consider it a success.
5) Andrew plays with Lilly while I do dishes. Sometimes if he's feeling up to it, he'll help me with them while Lilly sits at the counter and jabbers on.
6) At some point we try to corral Lilly towards her bedroom for a bath and "night night time". This is always met with fierce opposition. One of us bathes her and gets her into pajamas while the other sets up her toothbrush and prepares warm milk for her during story time. Then whichever one didn't do the bathing does the bedtime stories and is responsible for The Impossible: getting Lilly to sleep. This requires unprecedented negotiation skills, a expansive selection of singing tunes and endless patience.

Therefore, in order to avoid insanity, there is a strict rotation on bed time duties, alternating every night. To be released of the duties for a night off that would normally be your night on, there is prior notice required, and substitution arrangement negotiations.

There can be no complaint that this is not a 50/50 operation. I'm happy to be splitting it with this chef.

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