Monday, September 12, 2011

I've officially dropped the ball, and let it roll out the door, down the driveway and into oncoming traffic.

This updating thing has run away from me in a major way, and I feel a bit apologetic. 

To whom? I'm not sure.

I think it would be near impossible for me categorize photos from the different mediums by date accurately, and then to give a date-appropriate captions. 

So I will put it simply: We have done a lot of stuff in the last month.  Recap time, in no particular order.

Lilly grew up like a weed, started speaking in full sentences that endlessly spew from her mouth.  She also developed a flair for dramatic scene-setting.


Gemsong came to visit and we spent a weekend being girls, shopping and eating heart attacks for breakfast.

Lucas got out of NICU and began to lovingly wreak havoc on his parents sleep schedule.  In an adorable way ofcourse.

Janet and Tammer moved to London to read passive-aggressive signs.  And you know, adventure and stuff. We miss them madly.

Before that, the girls (Marigold, Yvonne, Janet and I) took an impromptu trip to San Diego for Amy's wedding to Ben.  San Diego tricked us into thinking it would be warm, but it was a beautiful wedding and weekend regardless.  Beaching, wedding-ing, dancing, eating, vegging, i.e. all great things.

My friend from college, Laura married Bastien on the hottest day of the year (110 degrees) in a beautiful (and mercifully short) outdoor ceremony overlooking Lake Travis.

In September, we slowly started the process of furnishing the house.  We decided to be grown ups and buy proper bedroom furniture, since we have been using my high school furniture this whole time.  The walls still stare blankly at us, but baby steps.

We had to balance the decor time with slack off time at the zoo, naturally.

Andrew and I even managed to sneak in a date night at the new Eddie V's in West Ave, thanks to our babysitters Becky & Aneesh(a).

And there you have it, a little recap up through last week.  I will be back on the photo a day band wagon now, I'm just realizing that it will have to be limited to iphone photos, which is much easier/faster for me to deal with.  Thanks for your patience!

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