Friday, June 26, 2009


I finally broke the string and failed. I didn't take ANY photos for June 24 or 25. I have nothing to post from those two days - very sorry to disappoint! I will do better in the future, promise. For the record, it was a rough couple days. I spent all day at my parents on Wednesday, trying in vain to catch up on much needed sleep while my parents fawned over the Wee One. I did get to be outside in the sun for a while, which is something I desperately miss. I don't even care that it's 100+ degrees outside, I miss the sun on my skin, so I relished that time. Thursday, my moment of glory was running errands solo, while Andrew watched the Wee One. It is amazing how much easier that is to accomplish on your own. And, I officially bought a Mom-Suit. Yes, I bought a one-piece swim suit, because this summer is going to be the non-bikini summer for me while the body is in transition. In it's defense, it is very 50's-retro cute and got thumbs up from The Husband. I have very small victories right now.

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